SpeedyFit CPVC Medium Bodied

Our SpeedyFit medium Bodied Solvent cement meets ASTM F-493 standard. The specified range has been manufactured by our experts using the best quality raw material and getting the Quality product. It has got various wide applications in the industry as well as domestic purpose like Hotels, Sheep, building applications etc . SpeedyFit CPVC solvent Cement have heavy bodied high strength, medium setting and excellent resistance against water , medium bodied, medium to fast set, High density, high strength cement used to join CPVC pipe and fittings. It has been probably use pipe and fittings through 6" diameter. SpeedyFit CPVC Cement is most effective when used in temperature ranges from 40°F to 100°F. It is useful for Hot & Cold water system applications. .

Technical Specification

Sr.No Parameter/Type Specification
1 Visual Appearance yellow & Homogeneous
2 Resin Contain 12%- 14%
3 Wet Film thickness 0.35mm - 0.45mm
4 Viscosity 500cP-600cP
5 Hydrostatic Burst Strength (After 2hrs Curing @°C) 6.2MPa-7.2MPa , 5.5MPa-6.0MPa
6 Hydrostatic Sustained Pressure Test at 82°C after curing 336±2hrs @23°C & then 48±2hrs @82°C pass , pass

Product Range also available as per client requirement.*

We can offer SpeedyFit Heavy Bodied Solvent cement in Pet bottle, Tube, Tin and barrel. Also Offer as per Consumers requirement.*

Product Range

Size Unit Inner Carton Master carton
30 96 72
60 48 48
100 24 48
250 24 24
500 12 24
1000 12 12


SpeedyFit CPVC Heavy Bodied


• Excellent Performance with time

• High density - Premium Quality.

• Easy to assemble and dissemble.

• Self-Lubricating, Non-hardening, non-toxic, non-flammable tape.

• Shelf Life- 1 Year

• Excellent quality, Fast setting and High strength.


• Keep it cool & dry place.

• Vapors may accumulate in low places and may ignite explosively.

• Wear a NIOSH approved respirator for organic solvents.

• Keep container tightly closed when not in use.

• Shake well before use, avoid measures of static discharge.

• Assemble quickly until it has still wet condition.

• Store product below 44°C (111°F).

• Wear protective gloves and eye protection and wash thoroughly after handling.

• Follow MSDS Data.

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