SpeedyFit PVC Heavy Bodied

SpeedyFit PVC heavy Bodied solvent cement Meets ASTM D-2564.Our Product assurance of high viscosity,eedyFit Heavy Bodied solvent cement is reassuring the end user about the leak proof joints on long term basis.The containers (Tin) have unique design with the neck and cap with integral brush in plastic material.This ensures air tight closure and eliminates any contamination. It is suitable for use with potable water pressure systems,irrigation,turf,conduit,sewer,drain,waste and vent systems.Ideal for use on industrial piping systems.

Technical Specification

Sr.No Parameter/Type Specification
1 Visual Appearance Clear & Homogeneous
2 Resin Contain 12%- 14%
3 Wet Film thickness 0.35mm
4 Viscosity 1500cP-1600cP
5 Hydrostatic Burst Strength (After 2hrs Curing @ 27±2°C Avg. of 5 readings) 4.9MPa-5.5MPa
6 Lap Shear Strength @ 27±2°C Avg. of 5 readings 1.75-1.85 , 3.48-3.55 , 6.25-6.5

Product Range also available as per client requirement.*

We can offer SpeedyFit Heavy Bodied Solvent cement in Pet bottle, Tube, Tin and barrel. Also Offer as per Consumers requirement.*

Product Range

Size Unit Inner Carton Master carton
50 48 72
100 24 72
250 12 48
500 12 24
1000 6 24
5000 4 12


SpeedyFit CPVC Heavy Bodied


• Excellent Performance and sustainability

• High Viscosity, Resin contain and Chemical resistant.

• Ideal for fabrication of large fittings and applications requiring high gap filling properties.

• Clear homogenous.

• Shelf Life - 18 month

• Excellent quality.

• High strength & Instant setting.


• Keep it cool & dry place.

• Do not mix with any solvent.

• Claim dirt-moisture & oil surface from pipe.

• Shake well before use.

• Insert the pipe soon after applying solvent.

• Store product below 44°C (111°F).

• Follow MSDS Data.

• Keep out of reach of children. Do not take internally. Keep away from heat, spark, open flame and other sources of ignition.

• Atmospheric levels must be maintained below established exposure limits.

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