Rubber Lubricant

We are commencing in making available the best quality Rubber Lubricants that tremendous use in industrial applications as well as household. The offered Rubber Lubricants are completely soluble in water. Our product has provides maximum lubricity of the rubber gasket against the concrete bell for damage-free pipe joints. Product using in PVC Pipe Joints it eliminates the problems with existing pipe joint lubricants and lower jointing forces considerably and is quickly removed from potable water systems when flushing commences.
It is an odor-free, easy to apply, soft paste material. Product has available at very reasonable to clients.

Technical Specification

Sr.No Parameter/Type Specification
1 Appearance Colored paste
2 pH (Concentrate) 7.5-8.5
3 Specific Gravity 1.01-1.04
4 Solubility Soluble in water in all proportion

Product Range also available as per client requirement.*

We can offer Chemsoul Rubber lubricant in Pet bottle, Tin. Also Offer as per Consumers requirement.*

Product Range

Size in gm Unit Inner Carton Master carton
100 24
250 12
500 12
1000 6


Rubber Lubricant


• Lubricant sticks to both wet and dry pipe surfaces.

• No detrimental effect on the rubbers used in gasket materials.

• It do not wash off, even with flowing water

• Boiling point: 200 °F( 93°C).

• Specific gravity: 1.01.

• Superior quality.

• Shelf Life- 1 Year.


• Keep it cool & dry place.

• Do not allow air, moisture in container as it decrease the shelf life.

• Keep out away from children

• Do not eat.

• Follow MSDS Data.

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